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Today no longer choose between your digital communication and your fieldwork.

Get to the point

It’s easy, secured and ready to use.

Increase the reach of your Listings and your Database power.

Time Saving

A solution committed to be efficient.

Discover an interface where each action is less than 3 clicks away.

Who is Excellence Priority for?

Designed to meet the needs of both small and large structures, our tool adapts to the size of each. Very effective for independents, it reveals its full potential when used by a team.

Single Agent

We know what it means to be an independent real estate agent. You have to be able to manage everything on your own without being overwhelmed by the different aspects of your work.

Save time and be more efficient by using Excellence Priority in your daily work.

Communication with your clients will be done in a few clicks and you will be able to grow your database like never before. Generate more business and track your actions while focusing on closing ongoing deals is now possible.

Local Agency

As a local real estate agency, you often have perfect knowledge of your market. However, despite your great efficiency in the field, having a fluid communication with your clients often remains a tedious thing to define and set up.

We respond to this need by offering you the possibility of achieving effective communication with ease.

No more endless settings and hours lost for often poor results. Our solution allows you to finally unleash the full potential of your client database and to make it grow in the right way.

Network & Franchise

Being a large structure offers many advantages but can also have disadvantages. Many tools are already at your disposal and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate though all of it. Without even talking about white elephants which are complicated to use for low efficiency.

Our solution has been designed to be a simple and easy-to-use tool. It brings together the essential features for quality marketing communication.

The key feature by using it as a team is that you will create a real synergistic effect, while keeping your autonomy inside the team.

What makes Excellence Priority Better than other Solutions on the Market?

Today many solutions (MailChimp, SendinBlue...) already exist to share the offers you have with your clients.
But to achieve this, you will have to go through a series of painful and tedious steps which will be discouraging or "at best" a considerable waste of time.

By being dedicated to your business and adapted to your needs, here is why our solution is better for your business:



Step One:
Template Design
Listings are Ready to Use

No need of template.
Your listings are automatically synced and are ready to use. The display was thought to be appealing and optimized to highlight all the important information of your Listing.

Create or Personalize a Template

For each communication, you will need to create or copy an existing template and change all of the content (texts, images, links, merge tags ...). A long and tiring work for a result often far from your expectations.

Step Two:
Add an Audience
A Clean and Single Client Database

It's time for a clear and easy-to-use database.
For each of your clients, you see the related visits in progress. And you can set a minimum and maximum price as well as define the categories of listings you want your client to receive. A quick configuration that allows you not to have to set it each time.

A Fragmented Audience without Visibility

The other solutions available on the market do not offer you a database strictly speaking. You can simply define an audience which will be treated as a mass of contacts. This means that you will not be able to interact precisely for each customer. You will simply have less flexibility, what is something essential in service professions.

Step Three:
Campaign Setting
Few Seconds are Enough

All your actions can be realized in just a few clicks, including campaigns targeting many clients. In order to gain even more efficiency on the most frequently performed actions a panel of quick actions is also available. In this case it will no longer be a few clicks but a single.

A Long and Deep Setting phase

After having already lost a lot of time on the previous steps, you must now devote yourself to the decisive one of the sending. For each campaign you will have to redefine your settings and check everything. With us things are pre-configured once and for all.

Step Four:
Reports Clarity
Only what you Need and Not More

We provide you with essential information only, so that you can have a quick and qualitative overview of your actions and their impact.

Lots of Figures for Little Usable Information

Reports and statistics are important to improve a business. But too much data makes it useless as its interpretation becomes too difficult and time-consuming.

To Sum Up Logo Excellence Priority
Is a Turnkey Solution

All your secured sendings are less than 3 clicks away. No time to set up, it’s easy, secured and ready to use.
A time saving and efficient solution to reach all your clients and make your database grows.

Sounds like the Solution you are looking for?

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