Excellence is not our only Priority

Offering more Security & Privacy for professionals in their digital communication is one of the main reasons why we created our tool.

Data encryption

We use dedicated servers and strong SSL certificate to protect and encrypted your data.

Data stored in France and Europe only

For more security and control all your data are mainly stored in France and some in Europe.

No use of your data by third parties

All your data should be your property and that of no one else, that's why we are not using any tracking tools.


Security & Privacy Key Points

Our goal is to bring more security & privacy in your daily work, here are the best features:

  • Secured Content

    Your shared listing is secured by our web protocols and a legal notice. Each link is personal and it is not possible to have access without a private link or being logged as an Excellence Priority member.

  • Limited Access

    Set a time limit and a maximum access number. It will rhythm your process by creating an emergency effect on your recipient. And you will be sure that it stays under control not being used for wrong purposes.

  • Legal Notice

    Every time one of your client accesses to a new link, he must acknowledge accepting the legal notice. A traceable legal commitment which highlights the private nature of the link received and prevents any leaks.

  • No Download

    By disabling right-click on the computer and mobile, we avoid most of the downloads. Only the possibility of making low-quality screenshots remains, but the acceptance of the legal notice is there to prohibit it.

  • Registered Only

    To access your listings and discover your offers, people must either have received a private link from you or be a verified member of the platform. There is no public access for maximum privacy.