Excellence Priority Concept

A new smart step to sell and rent more

Highlight Exclusive Previews

Our web app has been developed to give you opportunity to publish simply and quickly quality listings.

Create a Pace on Sales / Rents by putting a Deadline

Be first often means best deals. By offering this privilege to members you also create an emergency effect.



Maximum Efficiency for your Daily Business and Quick Results

Highlight your Offer

Make simple and instant listings with a beautiful display

Create a Limited Access

Set a time limit and give rhythm to your sale / rent process

Share Secured Content

Your content is secured by our web protocols and a legal notice

Get Stats and Visibility

Improve your interactions with some useful numbers



Why you should use Excellence Priority

Sell / Rent Quickly and with Privacy

Thanks to our service you will be able to put on sale / rent your products with total privacy as soon as it is available.

Work with our Base of Qualified Members

All Excellence Priority members correspond to a specific profile and are potential customers for luxury businesses.

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Mobile First
Easy To Use
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Phase One:
New Product
N°1 - Add the Product

Enter a new product to your portfolio.
For real estate an yachting professionals it is a very strong argument to get referred as sole agent.

N°2 - Make the Listing

To make sure your listing is complete and attractive, you collect all the information you can have and make quality media content.

Phase Two:
Private Marketing
N°3 - Present it Privately to your own Clients

The first phase of marketing is often to offer the product to its best potential clients by calling them directly or sending them nominative emails.

N°4 - Publish it on Excellence Priority

The next step we have created is to offer the product to Excellence Priority members before putting it on the market, this action will significantly increase your chances of success.

Phase Three:
Public Marketing
N°5 - Put it on the Public Market

If your product has not be sold / rented during the two previous phases you can put it on the market as you usually do.
The listing on Excellence priority will be mentioned as "Expired" and a link will redirect to your website.


Secured Access

Our goal is to offer your content a good security level while making it really attractive

  • Registered Access

    To discover your offer, all Excellence Priority Members have to be logged in. No connection without an account and its associated password is possible.

  • Legal Notice

    Every first time a member logs in to see an offer, he or she will have to accept a certain number of rules. A traceable legal commitment that avoids all leaks.

  • No Download

    By disabling right-click on the computer and mobile, we avoid most of the possible downloads. Only the possibility of making low-quality screenshots remains, but the acceptance of legal notice is there for that.

Excellence Priority Pricing

(per month / account - excl. VAT)

Single Account

billed annually

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From 2 to 5 Accounts

10% of Discount billed annually (active accounts only)

From 6 Accounts

25% of Discount billed annually (active accounts only)


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